‘Appy New Year from Made and Worn

The creative Catalyst start-up, Made and Worn, shares what it’s been up to over the last few months. We look forward to what 2017 brings them.

Hello Knitters!

We’re back in the office and working hard on creating the Made & Worn app. We had such a great end to 2016! Our Knit and Natter event in Southampton was attended by eight wonderful knitters who all came with an open mind and answered our probing questions! Your help has been invaluable ladies and although we were hoping to get a test app ready for this month, we haven’t quite included all the features you suggested.

From your feedback we found that sometimes it’s difficult to visualise where you are in a pattern and this can lead to mistakes and the dreaded unpicking. So to test our app concept we’ve tried to write a pattern which helps you keep track of your knitting. We’ll be posting the pattern to our email subscribers soon (sign up here), please let us know what you think.

Over the Christmas period (in between breaks for Turkey and mulled wine) we started to design and develop our knitting app. Initially we have been focused on creating the knitting user interface. This is the part of the app which guides you stitch by stitch through the pattern. We’ve been making good progress so far and we’ve even been able to do a couple of test knits with the app. Luckily for us, my Mum and Nan were more than happy to volunteer. They were quite taken with the app, especially as they no longer have to keep a paper tally, no more fumbling for pens between rows.  Our app still needs some work before we test with our Made & Worn Knitters and we’re hoping to have something ready soon.

 In the mean time look out for our first pattern and keep on knitting knitters!

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