BluPoint goes global

The BluPoint team has spent a considerable amount of time in Africa in recent months, attending meetings and conferences in Ghana and South Africa. In Johannesburg they ran a successful workshop funded and supported by the British High Commission on the issues of education in rural Africa and received very positive feedback on its solution to address these. In Cape Town, they exhibited as part of the UKTI delegation at the annual Indaba mining conference. Here, they met Cherie Blaire and Baroness Scotland (soon to be Chief Executive of the Commonwealth). Peter Dingley, CEO, commented, “Both were impressed with the Company’s vision and innovative technology which could see millions of people in underdeveloped regions benefit from access to vital information”.

In Europe, Mike Santer (Founder) and Tristan Aubrey-Jones (Technical Lead), attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Mike commented: “There’s a significant contrast between European and African requirements for mobile phones. In Europe, we are fixated on next generation smart phone capabilities yet a basic need for fast, free, relevant content has still not been achieved globally. 70% of the phones used in Africa are not smart and because of issues of cost of acquisition, power charging and data costs, smart phone adoption will not be on the same scale and they will not be used in the same way as seen in the Western world. In my view it is more valuable to empower existing technologies that people have in their pockets to their full potential. While it can cost a day’s wage to charge a cell phone and in some rural communities, people spend up to 70% of their income on mobile airtime, the potential that connectivity brings for education, healthcare and economic development is beyond the reach of those most in need. BluPoint aims to bridge this divide.”

Back in the UK, the BluPoint team has completed a round of angel funding and appointed Steve Bedford, ex-COO of Storehouse plc as Executive Chairman. They are also in the midst of a recruitment drive to employ four more full time staff including software developers. It is an exciting time for the company.