Building business savvy into firms’ foundations

Since joining the Catalyst fold last year, our eight-strong contingent of start-ups have been able to match the development of their products with a vital, holistic, real-world business education.

And it’s the latter that may safeguard their survival.

For most entrepreneurs, innovating and developing new products is the attractive and exciting bit. But where many start-ups stutter is in failing to address the seemingly mundane: the administrative and practical components of business.

So through our workshops, seminars and presentations, we strive to connect our start-ups to the best experience and insights around. We have a rich network of thought-leaders and experts who can help new talent to navigate the roadbumps ahead.

From funding and finance, to the legals, HR and marketing, fledgeling entrepreneurs probably haven’t thought too long about the pitfalls and the problems that lie waiting. But Catalyst experts have the nous to bring budding entrepreneurs’ knowledge right up to code.

Covering IP and patents, marketing and PR, funding and accounting, HR and staffing up – Catalyst companies are given a comprehensive schooling in key areas, sharpening their general business savvy before jumping headfirst into competitive market sectors.

Our workshops even provide individuals with skills that transcend the business world in negotiation, time management, sales, and dealing with unique personalities.

When armed with a full complement of skills, good entrepreneurs can become great, and great businesses can reach dizzying heights.

As Catalyst Founder, Peter Birkett told us, “The experts that visit Catalyst bring with them extensive knowledge, deep insight, and peerless experience in their field.

“As entrepreneurs and innovators themselves, our speakers are people who have identified gaps in markets, and brought newer, fresher, better services, products and solutions to customers and clients. They invite new businesses to benefit from their battle scars.”

And those benefits always make an impact on the ground.

“I know my idea for an intuitive knitting app has enormous potential,” says Ruby Lee from Catalyst company Made and Worn, “but knowing how to create the best business ecosystem around it is another thing entirely.

“Phil Sharpe and the team of mentors and presenters have been brilliant in breaking down my administrative tasks as much as they have excelled in putting me in front of people who can make a huge practical difference to my business.”

There’s just one month to go for the current Catalyst intake, but when raw enthusiasm, passion and talent merge with a more complete business education – courtesy of some of the best brains in all walks of business – they can build more market savvy into their foundations and uncover great success when the time comes to move on.