Catalyst 2017 Profile: AMODISC

AMODISC was the first company to be announced as a successful entrant to the 2017 Catalyst programme, Southampton Science Park’s incubator for early stage businesses.

Along with co-founders Ollie Wylie and Matt Turner, CEO Ad Gandhe built AMODISC out of the belief that everyone should have access to high quality medical education, anytime, anywhere. Today we catch up with him to find out how it’s going.

Ad, what are you creating? Our aim is to make healthcare professional learning more accessible and, very importantly, more fun. We believe that education needs to evolve and education needs to involve everyone. So, we are building an educational ecosystem which should inspire new ways of continuous learning and make it fun for experienced clinicians and trainees to share knowledge, anytime and anywhere.

Who will benefit? Medical and allied medical practitioners across all disciplines – and ultimately, the public.

Why is this important? Shockingly, 40% of medical trainees reach the end of their training without the necessary skills to do the job. The reasons for this are clear:  medical training programmes usually involve the use of cumbersome physical simulators and expensive courses. These are time consuming and difficult to access. Trainers are not given time to teach in their job plans. We are working to change this.

How does it work? We will provide easy, low cost access to simple tools that give experts new ways to educate and learners the freedom to learn at their own convenience. With a collaborative platform and a suite of smartphone simulators, the learning experience is enhanced and users will be able to connect, discuss and learn from each other, whatever their discipline. Importantly too, we will be able to demonstrate measurable progress to all involved.

What stage is the business at? As a consultant orthopaedic surgeon, I founded my first company by inventing a successful surgical simulation app which has revolutionised the way we teach surgery worldwide. This new venture is about creating something that will benefit all specialities. We are currently exploring the opportunities and needs amongst educators worldwide; and working to build a team of expert advisors, each with particular attributes, that can help drive the business forward in a powerful and effective way.

How did you feel when you were informed that you were successful in gaining interest to Catalyst? Proud, invigorated and ready to roll our sleeves up and get down to business!

And how’s it going? As the name suggests, the Catalyst has really jump started our progress. Having office space has been a game-changer, but really the mentorship is what has given us the confidence and direction that is invaluable.

Where can we find out more?,,