HiveWire completes MedTech line-up for Catalyst

Today we formally introduce the next company chosen to participate in the 2016 Catalyst programme, HiveWire.

The brainchild of Dilan Pathmajothy, HiveWire joins fellow Catalyst tenants Renovos, Carena Healthcare, Easy Video and Gpep in the medtech arena. An instant secure messaging system to assist doctors, nurses, pharmacists and all other healthcare professionals, the HiveWire app is set to make communicating internally within the NHS and other healthcare organisations fast and simple, ultimately facilitating multidisciplinary care and enabling more doctor-patient contact time.

Dilan came up with the idea as a junior doctor. He soon saw that the 1.5 million people who are employed by the health service work in small teams; and the communication between them is difficult and cumbersome, often requiring written referrals, physically taking notes to specialists, faxing, waiting for responses etc. The result is that most doctors get to spend only about 25% of their time at patients’ bedsides with the bulk of their time spent by a computer, rushing around and chasing paperwork.

This reality was far removed from the vision that Dilan had of his chosen career as he explains: “I had this romantic idea in my head that it was going to be very humanitarian and I was going to be with the patients all the time but that wasn’t the case at all. I thought: this is ridiculous! Everyone here has trained for years at med school and we’re doing administration in an extremely old fashioned way. I want to break those rules and break down those boundaries that are prohibiting care, and make a product which is really simple that everybody can use.”

He continued: “The hardest part will be convincing my clients that it is secure and safe – there needs to be a shift in perceptions. I know it’s ambitious but I’m really passionate about this. I understand the end users’ pain and there’s an immediate and obvious patient benefit. There will be fewer communication errors and doctors will get to spend more time with patients so it will really help the whole of the NHS and the private sector.”

Catalyst judges were impressed with Dilan’s passion and commitment. He had done his research via questionnaires and focus groups before coming up with a potential solution to a significant and real problem. He is already in conversation with a Clinical Commissioning Group about conducting a user trial and the company website is live at

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