Carena Healthcare

Personalised cardiac technologies

Carena Healthcare is revolutionising the treatment of heart disease with a patent-pending replacement heart valve and other technologies.

In an ageing population, aortic valve disease is becoming an increasing problem. Treating this condition has created a market worth $1.2 billion, currently growing annually at 38%.

Carena Healthcare is combining expertise in computational engineering and interventional cardiology to create new ways to address heart disease. The aim is to improve patient outcomes with personalised care, while delivering a quantum shift in design efficiency and production costs, freeing up funds for further research and development.

The company’s interrelated solutions work to map disease distribution, provide 3D visualisation and analysis of diseased arteries and create bespoke heart valves, thus enabling cardiologists to improve the selection and positioning of coronary stents and replacement heart valves. Its revolutionary 3D printed replacement heart valve, PILLAR™, is optimised for minimally invasive implantation and designed for personalised, long-lasting care.