Cloud Merlin

Quick open source production-ready applications

Cloud Merlin (previously Fusetab) is creating production-ready applications and micro services.

Fusetab originally entered Catalyst with a bold idea for a platform that would consolidate all external and internal applications from an individual’s work and home life. It was a concept with great potential that captured the judges’ eyes, but all agreed there was work to be done in testing the marketplace for such a service. The Fusetab team took much learning from working through Catalyst’s proven accelerator model, ultimately deciding that their original concept would not achieve their business goals. Their Catalyst journey was a valuable learning curve from which Cloud Merlin was born.

Cloud Merlin is now building an open source development tool which is standardised, concise and fast because there’s no boilerplate coding requirement. The aim is to empower clients to create production-ready apps in minutes. The company is also working to develop its consultancy and training services for clients.