Rehabilitation at home for stroke patients

Cynaptic is using gaming technologies to create a new rehabilitation product for stroke sufferers, who are often reliant on a family carer for help with transport and everyday life.

By encouraging them to take ownership of their rehabilitation, there could be less dependency on the family unit. However, with an increased and ageing population, there are more patients than there are therapists to support them. Traditional rehab techniques are also not engaging or interesting for patients.

Cynaptic’s solution is Connexion™, a new neuro-rehabilitation system which will deliver functional, clinically relevant whole body rehabilitation to patients in a cost-effective manner. With a virtual environment of passing through game levels, patients can take charge of their recovery whilst being monitored. It enables patients to follow prescribed functional rehab activities, whenever and how often they like with reported outcomes. By doing so, it extends the high quality services received in clinics into patient homes.