Self-management solutions for long-term conditions

my mhealth (Formerly Health Quest Solutions) is working to develop, trial and bring to market solutions for patients with long-term conditions.

Self-management is at the heart of many long term conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Yet traditional self-management plans are provided in paper formats and these fail to engage patients and provide them with the necessary skills to mange their condition effectively. They are hard for clinicians to monitor progress and adherence. The impact is therefore questionable.

my mhealth have developed an online system to monitor, educate, maintain and deliver healthcare more effectively. It gives patients the power to learn, control and connect with their clinicians, who in turn have a unique platform to manage, monitor and communicate with their patients. my mhealth’s myCOPD service is the first in a series in development. It incorporates over 120 hours of learning and self-management in a single product for patients with COPD. It has been successful in various clinical trials and, as a result, has attracted funding and the support of several partner organisations including the NHS.