Providing orthopaedic regenerative medicine solutions

Renovos is developing products and solutions to help advance orthopaedic regenerative medicine.

There are nine million osteoporotic fractures worldwide each year and one in two women and one in five men aged over 50 experience them in UK. All fractures cost the NHS over £2 billion each year and yet many do not heal effectively using current approaches, with up to 10% of fractured bones failing to realign properly. 

Renovos will offer a complementary range of products, services and therapeutics to help clinicians heal bone fractures more easily, cost-effectively and safely. Alongside stem cells for research, and low-cost, high value in vivo screening assay, the company has invented a nanoclay-gel that has the potential to revolutionise bone repair in both humans and animals. The unique formula encapsulates biological agents in a one-step procedure, and offers proven localised delivery allowing step change reduction in effective dose, increasing safety and efficacy of therapeutics.