A cycling revolution

RocPro has designed a family of compact cycle pumps with very high volume displacement.

The time and effort required to inflate a bicycle tyre is considerable as conventional hand pumps require 15 pumping actions to achieve 1 psi of pressure. As mountain bike tyres require 80 psi, it is a lengthy and exhausting job. The currently designed pumps aim to halve the time to inflate a tyre.

RocPro are designers and developers of several innovative cycle products and market disruptive technologies. The company’s revolutionary ROC pumps utilise innovative patented piston technology which has a rotary action. This is far more efficient than the traditional linear pump action, the pumps are also smaller, easier to use and deliver twice as much air volume than current best-selling pumps on the market. The design winning company is going on to revolutionise cycle security with tamperproof locking systems for cycles and their components.