C Squared Visions Ltd

Cloud-based computer vision cutting-edge technologies, computer vision techniques and machine learning methods to help manufacturers improve their productivity.

The system will utilise an enterprise centralised server to provide a vision cloud service for different applications such as quality control, information verification, robot guidance, etc. A number of different vision systems from different modules or production lines could send images to the cloud server and get results with a number of properties. These results will not only tell a result of pass or fail, but also provide detailed analytical evaluations which could be instant feedback for process improvement. This could increase the efficiency, improve overall yield, reduce raw material waste, reduce energy consumption and improve the quality of the output. Hence, the improvement in efficiency, utilisation, cost and productivity.

Furthermore, the result data from different modules and productions could form a big data set in which machine learning and other predictive methods can be applied to further improve the overall performance of the production and assist in business decision making