The Bug Shack

Alternative sustainable sources of protein

The Bug Shack is championing edible insects as a sustainable source of protein compared to traditional meats.

Livestock farming is energy and water consumption intensive and it creates considerable greenhouse gas emissions too. The resources put into livestock farming relative to the amount of the animal that can actually be eaten are disproportionate: only 40% of a cow is edible, compared to 100% of a cricket. Incorporating insects into our diet is good for us and better for the environment.

The Bug Shack is passionate about working insects into diets for both humans and livestock and creating a circular, sustainable economy. Over 1900 species of insects are safe to eat and they contain all of the protein, amino acids, iron and calcium needed in a healthy diet. The company is working to produce tasty and nutritious insect products and recipes for people willing to try something different while promoting the concept of entomophagy more broadly.