Tidal Harness

Disruptive simplification of tidal turbine technology

Tidal Harness is designing and building next generation tidal turbines for extracting energy from tidal streams.

Extracting energy from tidal streams until now has come with a requirement for significant capital investment and operating expense. Not only does this generate a lengthy return on investment period but it also creates barriers to the widespread uptake of the technology.

Tidal Harness has designed and developed the prototype for a new kind of turbine having only one moving component. This innovative approach makes the technology highly effective yet extremely simple. With this simplicity come greater reliability and reduced costs due to cheaper capital expenditure and less maintenance expense than offshore wind farms. Additionally, installation of these turbines does not require floating cranes or specialised vessels reducing further costs. The company is gearing up for sea trials to test the turbines further before working on the commercialisation of the technology.