Trou Digital

Interactive screen solutions made easy

TrouDigital Signage has created fast, flexible and scalable interactive digital signage software.

The days of static paper slideshows and conventional signage are numbered. However, the cost of fully-featured digital solutions is prohibitive, meaning that they are only really an option for large organisations.

TrouDigital Signage has developed a system which allows organisations all sizes to broadcast dynamic content to screens of any size quickly and easily. The goal is to help all companies increase sales and brand recognition and communicate to customers and staff more easily by using this centralised solution. Screen presentations can be broadcast from any PC with an internet connection to an unlimited number of screens anywhere in the world in real time. It is cloud-based, drag and drop software supported with ready- to-use templates, online video tutorials and a customer service team on hand. The education, retail, estate agency and healthcare sectors are primary targets for this technology but there are no limits to how it can be deployed.