Reduced leakage for gas distribution networks

Utonomy’s innovative technology addresses the problem of leakage in gas distribution networks.

There are eight gas distribution networks throughout the British Isles which take gas from the high pressure transmission system and distribute it to the consumer. Maintaining a consistent pressure throughout this network can reduce leakage of methane gas into the environment. This is important because methane gas is a potent greenhouse gas with 84 times the global warming potential of CO2 over 20 years. It accounts for 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions, 30% of which derive from oil and gas production.

Utonomy’s Active Grid Management solution works to reduce shrinkage by automatically managing pressure in the network so that it is consistently at the right level no matter what the demand. This smart network pressure management is expected to reduce leakage by more than 20% which will give a significant payback for gas network operators and make a big impact on greenhouse gas emissions.