Geoscience agency providing marine energy solutions

Volturnus is a geoscience agency formulating an innovative range of service solutions for clients operating primarily in the marine energy sector.

The newest entrant to the Catalyst Centre, the company’s approach is currently under wraps. However, great things are expected because the Founder has been applauded for previous ground-breaking published research.

With an original aim to learn more about how to diversify research income, the Catalyst experience is transforming the way that the Volturnus team thinks about the interplay between business and academic research. Through a focus on the value proposition and the weekly sessions with key players in the world of business, finance, law and industry, the programme is helping the start-up to formulate a roadmap for the future. Of particular importance is gaining a better understanding of the interplay between research and innovation and how they might approach commercialising academic research in line with best practice.