Wessex Social Ventures

Revolutionising aid provision through micro-enterprise

Wessex Social Ventures is a social business accelerator set to revolutionise the way aid is provided in the developing world through carefully constructed micro-enterprises.

There are 62 million girls under the age of fifteen who are not in school and one in three people don’t have access to a toilet, while millions struggle to live on under $3 per day.

Wessex Social Ventures is developing micro-enterprises to help people help themselves, stimulate their local economies and provide vital employment. Each enterprise addresses multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals and with a particular focus on: good health, quality education, gender equality and no poverty. Three have been deployed so far: Petal, where local women make and sell affordable, reusable sanitary towels and deliver free menstrual health education; Roots, which converts human waste into cost-effective natural fertiliser whilst improving sanitation provision; and Right Light which replaces dangerous kerosene through solar lamp rental.