Digital solutions for healthier, longer lives

xim is developing a suite of digital health solutions that empower people to live healthier, safer and longer lives.

Helping ageing people to remain in their homes out of residential care homes and hospitals will reduce costs and risks for health providers, while boosting quality of life for patients and peace of mind for relatives.

xim has developed a range of low cost and discreet ways to monitor and improve a person’s wellbeing through computer vision and machine learning, embracing mobile health (mhealth) principles. ximPlay facilitates education, health and social care therapy, ximSense provides emotional recognition for therapy and training, and ximTouch uses intuitive technologies to tackle social isolation and issues around medical adherence. The company’s flagship product, Lifelight, is a discreet camera-based early warning system for potential critical health events like a stroke or heart attack as indications are provided to a GP or out-of-hours health service. By detecting a user’s vital signs, clinicians can take preventative action.